About Us

The Mil-Sted Legacy – Sourcing, Connecting, Building

Our history began in Richmond, BC in 1972. Easily accessible and centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Regional Area, we quickly became the “Right Size and Right Fit” for our customers, suppliers and stakeholders by exercising due diligence of core values: Synchronization, Passion, and Knowledge.

The Mil-Sted brand has earned a solid reputation for business acumen and solutions-driven dealings. Our team is renowned for its dependable and flexible dealings and continues to be a company of utmost integrity with valued relationships. We are also proud of our legacy and tradition of giving-back-to-the-community in which we live and work.

“The employees at Mil-Sted Data Products are always friendly and will go out of their way to source products.

Mil-Sted carries a wide range of wholesale products and they are able to source and supply specialty products at competitive pricing with short notice.

We appreciate that they will deliver products to project sites at reasonable rates and time frames.” – Telus Corporation.

Connecting The Needs of Our Customers
to Global Networks

A phone call to Mil-Sted will connect you with our proactive team of responsive, flexible and considerate data product professionals. Our customers have complete access to our product line both online, and in our showroom. The ability of Mil-Sted to source customer products, connect with strategic suppliers and build reliable methods of product delivery reinforces our promise of product-synchronization. We believe, doing business with Mil-Sted is a trustworthy and honourable experience.

Our Promise

  • To provide a healthy, safe and productive environment for customers, alliances, employees, stakeholders and the community.
  • To build a collaborative, balanced and trusting atmosphere of shared success
  • To ensure our products’ are warranteed, quality-assured, subject to rigorous quality control screening, readily available, and delivered on time and on budget.
  • To fulfill our brand promise and honour agreements while exceeding expectations
  • To assess, develop and implement new systems of efficiency, and to leverage our depth of knowledge and expertise